A symphony of sights and sounds …


I start my day on the screened porch, looking out on the water, with a black coffee. And, I end it, on the floating dock, enveloped by a cool breeze, with a cool beer. In between, I am treated to a symphony of sights and sounds.

It starts with blue jays jostling for position on the black berry bush beside the screened porch. They are relentless. And noisy. Then owls begin to serenade one another atop the large cedar, pine and spruce trees that populate the property. I thought owls were active at night, not at sunrise.

And the symphony continues.  One day, after cleaning and filleting a bass for lunch, my son was cleaning the fillets at the shoreline and was met with a very large, scavenging, snapping turtle. I have never seen a turtle in these waters before, let alone one so large. We threw in some bass bits to re-atract the turtle, only to be met by 2 large crayfish that quickly devoured the tasty treats. Later in the day, my son was in the canoe fishing and was joined by a large, 4′ long beaver. A beaver. Where did he come from? This is a big body of water with few opportunities to build a dam. And then there was the black bear seen in the bush immediately behind the property. A black bear. This is farm country.

Did I mention the pair of loons that feed in front of the cottage every evening? The heron that likes the new floating dock, the Canada geese that paddle by every evening, and the large osprey that find dinner regularly right in front of the cottage?

Oh! Did I mention the sunrises and sunsets over the water? Stunning. The reflections in the water? Breathtaking. Or, the snake den adjacent to the out building? We were in there refinishing the canoe paddles only to find we were sharing the space with at least 2 large, garden snakes.

Somewhere in between the morning coffee and the evening beer, I cycle. And when I ride these rural roads, I am treated to the sweet smell of corn fields, cows looking inquisitively at me, horses frolicking in the fields, a cooling breeze, and the warm sun on my back.

These sights and sounds are music to my ears.

17 thoughts on “A symphony of sights and sounds …

  1. That is an impressive variety of animals. And I get excited to see a squirrel in front of our building!
    I have to say, you paint a wonderful picture and the more I read of you, the more I want to see you write a book…
    I remember you saying you lacked inspiration and I think you have definitely found it. 🙂

    • I have squirrels, and chipmunks too. Forgot about them. And, an otter beneath the red maple in front, and in the fall, deer. This is quite the place. And, the fish are plentiful – bass, pike, pickerel, and perch.

      You are too kind. I enjoy writing but do not have your skill and talent. Perhaps you can tutor me 🙂

      • You couldn’t just let me have the squirrels, could you? 😀
        I’m not kind, it’s true. And I hope you will get that story that’s hiding out of you.
        My skill and talent? Now who’s the kind one? 😉

  2. I love to see animals out in the wild, it is funny how often we only think of the world in human terms while these beautiful creatures surround us. On Tuesday, I was out biking and took some time to watch the insects in a field. It is insane how active and populated their world is, but because they are so small we often forget they even exist until they “bug” us!

    • I forgot the bugs. Yes, there are a lot of bugs. Mosquitos, horse fly, dragon flies, ants (big ants), carpenter ants … The list goes on. You are right. It is a whole other world. A busy world.

    • It is rare to see beaver in these parts. There are a number of tributaries and I suspect they dam them but they are difficult to access by boat. So when you see them on the water swimming next to you in a canoe, it is quite remarkable. This one kept slapping its large tail in the water as if to say “Hi!”.

  3. What an idyllic cottage life you are painting! I love nature and all it’s cacophony of creatures…they are amazing and so interesting to watch. We humans might even learn from some, lol!

    • It is, at least for me. I have been considering selling the place – it is a long way away – but just have not been able to do it. These past few years, I have been fortunate to enjoy extended stays and have brought my kids here for a holiday as well. I’m still in two minds.

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