It’s not always about speed …


It’s not always about speed. I like cycling fast. Testing myself on longer, steeper climbs. Finding the straightest line down a winding, mountain descent. But it’s not always about speed.

This week I made a trip to the local dump to empty the truck of 8 bags of yard trimmings. On the way out, look what I discovered. Two old, coaster bikes in remarkably good shape. I put them on the rack (the rack usually reserved for Chas and Lou), and brought them back to the cottage. After a good cleaning, and 2 new tubes, they were ready for a ride.

Surprisingly, they are easy to pedal (at least on the flat), and fun. They coast. My son and I spent an hour touring the quiet cottage roads, exploring hidden trails along the way. Trails Chas, Lou, and I didn’t know existed.

Sometimes, it’s good to slow down.

28 thoughts on “It’s not always about speed …

  1. A blast from the past … Is that a friction shifter on the Villager Road King (Road Queen surely)? And I’m reminded of just how much I love lugged, steel frames.

    Slow rides are definitely becoming more appealing to me, especially if there’s a pub at the end of the route.

    • Yes, a friction shifter. A beauty!

      Lugged, steel frames are the best. They last forever, are comfortable to ride, and real pretty to look at.

      My son and grandson took the bikes out yesterday. Now my grandson wants one for home. He likes it better than his mountain bike.

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