A new road …


Do you remember me saying there would be no hill repeats this summer? That the only traffic-free road to the hill was under construction. Well, look what happened! The whole stretch of road has been resurfaced. I only discovered this by accident when returning from the small, local library in search of more summer reading.

I couldn’t wait to get Lou out there. It’s the kind of road he and I like. Smooth. Smooth like a velodrome track. No bumps. No cracks. No potholes. And, no traffic. It’s just a heads down, power-to-the-pedals ride.

This new surface is about 10 km long. Not long. Just long enough to crank up the speed. We even had a tailwind on the way out. What could be better. I don’t think Lou and I have ever ridden faster, except when descending. We hated to see the stretch of road come to and end.

Lou: “That was fun!”

So, now I have a hill to climb this summer. It’s not long. And, it’s not steep. But it can make my legs burn if I attack it.

Chas: “Hey! When do I get a turn? I can go fast.”

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