A stationary camera in the front window …

I have a camera setup in the front window. A WindowCam. A Lumix DMC-T25 with a LEICA 28 mm lens. It sits in the same place, and is never moved. A single perspective all day from dawn until dusk.

I never tire of this view. It is constantly changing. The lighting. Boat traffic. Birds. The bay is frequented by a pair of loons, a large heron that likes the new dock, and, geese that visit  every evening.

I have taken 100’s of shots. Here are a few favourites. They have not been edited or altered in any way.

three two

eight five four nine one seven six ten


9 thoughts on “A stationary camera in the front window …

  1. What a wonderful view and great concept too. Up until now, I thought the view outside my window was always the same but you’ve reminded me it changes constantly. I think the photos are a great way to remember that… especially when it comes to the drastic changes in lighting.

    • Thanks Ellie. I am intrigued with this stationary camera concept. Each evening when I download the images to my laptop, I am surprised on just how much things change during the day. I don’t know what I will do with all of these pictures but it is my hope there will be a few exceptional ones that I choose to print, and perhaps hang in the cottage.

      • It really is intriguing because what is deemed as immobile and unchanging is found to be ever-changing!!
        Have you set it to take pictures at a regular interval?

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