12 thoughts on “How do your bike handling skills compare?

  1. Uh yeah, I can bunny hop a train track or manhole cover but that’s about as good as I get… I’m too old, with too many kids, for that stuff (one is too many, I have two). 😎

  2. It is so much fun to watch but I would never want to even try doing that kind of stuff. Riding on the road is good enough for me-I don’t care about riding on the guardrails 🙂

    • Cycling is dangerous enough, even without the traffic. At the speeds I go, a pothole, rut or flat might do me in. I don’t need to take any other chances. And even if I did, I couldn’t do what he does. It’s remarkable the skill he has 🙂

    • I have seen this video. Crazy.

      It’s amazing what our heads think we can do. I have fallen off my road bikes 3 times in the past week slowly riding into soft sand. Couldn’t unclip quickly enough and went over on my side. I can’t imagine doing any of what these guys do 🙂

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