No hill repeats this summer …


Local Community Beach

Chas and I started out heading for the causeway that divides the lake in two. At the end of the road their is a short climb back up to the highway. A highway too busy to cycle. The only “hill” in the area. It is not like the hills I am accustomed to, but it is a hill. It’s about 1.5 km long with a 5% grade. Good enough for repeat climbs.

We never made it. The back road in under repair and currently surfaced with loose gravel. We tried for a bit, expecting the pavement would start again, but no. This road is not for road cyclists, at least this season.

There’ll be no hill repeats for me this summer 🙂

We turned around and headed west to the big lake, and my favourite mid-ride stop, about 30 km out. A quiet, community beach only frequented by the immediate locals. And me. They think I live in the area. “No one would bike here except a local. It’s at least 30 km from any other town.”, they say.

I enjoy sitting on one of the benches, chewing on a Cliff Bar, watching the children play in the water, and hydrating for the return trip.


July 3, 2015

I shave my legs, but not my face. How weird is that?

I am getting to like the feel, and look of shaved legs. They make me feel stronger, and they glisten in the sun. My legs never did that before. Glisten. They were just there, doing what they needed to do. Now, they stand out. They are a feature on the bike.

I met up with a couple of “roadies” today. The first people I have seen on a road bike since arriving. A young couple, new to the sport I thought. They were heading in the opposite direction. We shared a wave and a nod. His legs were not shaved. “Newbie”, I thought.

6 thoughts on “No hill repeats this summer …

      • I was in Canada 🙂 I’m back again, sorry for being away for so long. It was a busy time, I had a talk at a world conference and there was not even a minute to think about anything else than science. I’m glad it’s over. How are you, everything fine?

      • I’m impressed 🙂

        I’m fine. I am at the cottage for the summer, driving across the country, camping along the way. Been here 2 weeks and been busy with renovations, cycling, and a little work.

        I am glad you are back. How is the book coming?

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