WindowCam – First Week

I have a compact camera (a Lumix with a 28 mm Leica lens) setup in the front window of the cottage facing the water, and take pictures throughout the day from sunrise to sunset. It never moves except to unload the pictures, or charge the battery. I have even put tape down on the window ledge to make certain it is returned to exactly the same spot.

Here is a selection, not in any particular order, from the first week.


#1 – a “looper” heading west to Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, the Mississippi, and intimately, the Gulf of Mexico.


#2 – setting sun highlighting the white birch across the way. I never tire of watching the sun set on the far shore.


#3 – another “looper” heading west to Georgian Bay.


#4 – it rained for several days. I was busy inside and the boys were happy to rest.


#5 – I have ~ 1/2 acre of land with numerous cedar, pine, spruce, and maple trees. Numerous is misleading. They provide a lot of privacy but need attention. I have an arborist coming in next weekend to reclaim some of the property. There is also a lot of grass. I hired a property management company to do the first cut and cleanup. Most people do this in the spring. I waited until I got here. It is too much work initially for one person, particularly without the right tools.


#6 – there is great fishing here – bass, pike, and muskelunge. You see a lot of these “bass boats” that race from lake to lake looking for the big prize.


#7 – my friends – a family of Canadian Geese that visit most evenings. There is also a heron nesting across the way, and osprey nesting at the swing bridge.

Chas: “This is amazing. It’s like watching a good movie all day long.”

Lou: “Chas, do you see some of these boats travel with bikes. That would be fun. Hey Big Guy. Let’s do the “loop”.”

Chas: “Lou, he has talked about doing it for years. He almost did it once as a hand on a very large boat. He has regretted not doing it ever since.”

Lou: “Maybe Big Guy will do it next year.”

2 thoughts on “WindowCam – First Week

    • Thanks Leslie. The place grows on you. I have been coming here most of my life. Each time I return, I instantly feel like I belong, and continually learn more about the area, and myself.

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