Now I’m a cyclist …


Well, I did it. I have wanted to for yours but always found an excuse. I didn’t want to be berated by friends and family. They would ridicule me. Well, they’re not here. After years of wanting, I shaved my legs.

It’s difficult taking pictures of your own legs. Particularly from the back. This picture doesn’t do them justice.

I was surprised how nice it feels. I can’t say I rode any faster but I liked the feel and look of it. I feel like a real cyclist now.

Chas: “I never thought you would do it. You have talked about it doing for years. Is that why we stayed out so long yesterday?”

Yesterday Chas and I did the 75 km loop. I have discovered a route on smooth, fast, and scenic roads that I can easily dial back to 35 or 50 km depending on my mood and intent. The plan is to ride both Chas and Lou all summer alternating between the bikes. Chas likes long, slower rides. And Lou likes shorter, faster ones. Rain days will be rest days. We don’t like getting wet. I’ll alternate between slower rides concentrating on form and cadence, and faster rides focusing on sprints, repeat hill climbs, and intervals.

Chas: “I love the route we have found.”

The new route is scenic, if you like farm and cottage country.


View of the “Big Lake” – mid-ride stop


A lonely tree on the route home

I have a summer training plan. A local club to train with once a week. Smooth legs. A new kit. And, a sunny, hot long term forecast.

Lou: “I think today is my turn.”

I’m tracking my RHR and weight. Curious to see if there will be any change after 2 months of concentrated cycling. I have already lost almost 5 pounds simply by cycling more and eating less. And, my RHR is 47.

Lou: “Today is my turn. Let’s race to the big lake and up the shoreline road to the park and watch the kite boarders.”


12 thoughts on “Now I’m a cyclist …

  1. No! You shouldn’t have done it! Now you’re stuck with doing it all the time. Once you start shaving legs there’s no going back because they get prickly and the hairs grow back thicker and darker.

    • I know why women do it. It feels good, and looks better. Cyclists do it not to go faster but to minimize road rash when they take a spill, and to make the post-ride message more comfortable. I don’t race, have never fallen, and seldom get a massage. I just feels better 🙂 but I am considering a massage 🙂

  2. Hey brother, don’t listen to any naysayers (including yourself)! Glistening guns is the way to go, welcome to the club, man.

    I’ll never go back!

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