DashCam – Day 3

These DashCam pictures tell an interesting story, showing the change of scenery driving from west to east across the country. I am only posting a few from each day. They are not necessarily the best, but worthy of a second look.

The idea of stationary, still cameras interests me. They show the passage of time from a single perspective, providing detail often overlooked, and little understood 🙂


#1 – sunrise at the camp site


#2 – flat but clear


#3 – what’s a road trip without getting lost


#4 – approaching Duluth, Minnesota


#5 – heading east south of Lake Superior


#6 – campsite for the night with a lakefront view

2 thoughts on “DashCam – Day 3

    • I know. I love them. I have too many. 450! I plan to pick the best, have them printed and framed, and then put some up at the cottage and some in my den at home.

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