Cottage time …


WindowCam (June 25, 2015)

Cottage time is different time.

Everything slows down. There is no rush. I get up and go to bed with the sun. There is no TV to intrude. I have stopped wearing a watch. It has no purpose. There are no meetings, or scheduled events. I eat when I am hungry, not on a schedule. Projects that might take a day or two, may take a week. And, it doesn’t matter.

I notice I walk more slowly, and more relaxed. My shoulders are down and my arms swing freely. I sleep longer, from 10 PM to 7 AM without exception. I work more slowly, but more thoroughly. I am seldom frustrated, or angry with anything. I take pleasure preparing food. And, eating.

The only time I move quickly is when I’m on the bike, and even then I am not working as hard as I might.

No, cottage time is different time. Even Chas and Lou are more relaxed. They rest in the big room with a view of the water and never badger me for a ride. Don’t get me wrong. They love rolling on these roads. It’s just they are content not to be working hard all of the time.


One of the roads on the today’s ride (June 26, 2015)

Chas: “Lou. Lou! Wake up. We found a great ride for you today. You’ll love it. It’s a 45 km time trial. Flat. Smooth. Scenic. Quiet. Hardly any cars. And, no need to stop. You’ll love it. Big Guy was so excited. He can’t wait to take you out.”

Lou: “Ya? I’m ready. Rested. I wonder if I can still keep my balance?”

Chas: “The roads cut through farm land to the big lake and then along the water for 10-12 km. You’ll love it. We went fast. You will be much faster. Get ready. You are going to have to work hard.”

Lou: “Finally.”

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