Getting back to normal …


Chas and I are getting back to normal, enjoying our daily rides together, and exploring familiar roads.

Lou: “That’s nice. I am pleased for you.”

It was hard on us both not to cycle for a week. And, sit most of that time. I had lost my legs. Pedalling didn’t feel smooth and efficient initially. And, I had lost the speed. Today’s ride was different. I pushed most of the 40 km, battling a light headwind going out, and enjoying the same breeze at my back on the way home.

Chas: “That was fun. Big Guy pumped up my tires and we rolled a lot faster. We were fast today.”

I have been checking my resting heart rate first thing in the morning since arriving at the cottage. It was elevated, which usually means I am tired and need rest. Rest I did. I cycled but at a relaxing pace. This morning my RHR was 48 (not bad for a guy my age) which usually means I am fully rested and ready to ride. And ride I did. Today’s ride felt normal. Faster and more powerful.

I came home, showered, opened a local micro brewery beer, and made a salad for dinner,  customary fair when I am here – spinach, mixed baby greens, avocado, cucumber, tomato, brewers yeast, raisins, old cheddar cheese, mushrooms, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I eat a lot of different salads when I am here. There are several reasons for this. Fresh vegetable are readily available in this farming community. I like salads a lot. They can be a complete meal and full of natural fibre. And, they are interesting to make and innovate.


Lou: “When do I get a turn?”

7 thoughts on “Getting back to normal …

    • I think he is getting mad at me. He has seen Chas roll out a few times and return with a big smile on his bars. I have a long ride planned for Lou this weekend 🙂 Ya, I love salads.

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