DashCam – Day 1

I have started to review the 450 photographs I took with the “DashCam” during trip from British Columbia to Ontario via the northern US Interstate highways passing through Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ontario.

The camera was always positioned on the dash immediately under the rear view mirror. To provide context, a portion of the car’s hood was always in the compositions. The automatic exposure feature of the camera was always used, and none of the images have been edited either on the camera or the laptop.


There are a lot of photographs. These are all the things Chas and Lou did not see once they were covered and bound. Here are 5 I like best from the first 100. What do you think? Which one is your favourite?

Chas: “Thanks. I can’t even see what I missed. When are you going to put wifi on board?”

I would appreciate your input. I will do this with each 100 sets, and include the top 20-25 in a montage of the trip.


#1 – One of the many Rest Areas. They are frequent, always clean and inviting throughout Washington, Idaho. Montana, and North Dakota.


#2 – One of the many 8-whell rigs I passed fill with cargo of all kinds. I was surprised how many women drivers I encountered.


#3 – Some of the most remarkable scenery I have ever seen.


#4 – I was surprised to learn McDonald’s has decent coffee, salads and wifi.


#5 – I think I saw more rigs than cars. The interstate highway systems are freight ways servicing the surrounding areas.

13 thoughts on “DashCam – Day 1

    • I don’t usually frequent MacDonald’s but was surprised to learn about their coffee, wifi, and clean washrooms. It seemed every community along the way had a “Mickey D” so when ever I stopped for gas, I would get a coffee too.

  1. Brilliant idea – great pictures! 3 is my favourite out of those ones – look forward to seeing more if you decide to upload them 🙂 Have a great day!

    • There wasn’t much traffic, only when passing through larger towns. I actually hit rush hour traffic in Missoula and Billings. Otherwise the roads were mostly clear.

  2. When I go on a similar trip, I will take inspiration from you and do the same. One day you will stumble upon this post/pictures and remember the trip as vividly as photos allow you to! 🙂

    • You are right. Unfortunately, most of them are never printed or shared. Periodically I will go back and look. This trip I hope to print several, frame, and hang the best of them 🙂

      • Do you mean a digital album or an old school one? What do you mean “invest in one”?

        I love taking photographs but never know what to do with them all 🙂

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