Chas goes for a ride …


Chas an I enjoyed our first ride in over a week.

We rode west to the “big lake”, north along the lakeside road to town, and then back on the inland road. A total of ~ 50 km. This is one of our favourite rides. The road are quiet, relatively smooth, and mostly flat.

Chas: “You are getting old Big Guy.”

We started slowly, and never really raced. I stayed on the small change ring the entire ride. I wanted to find my legs. I can’t remember when I last had a week long layoff from the bike. By the end of the ride, I was pedalling in circles again and had picked up the pace. A few more days like this and I’ll be ready for a ride with Lou.

Lou: “What, I have to wait a few more days?”

Lou likes going fast and I don’t want to disappoint him.

Lou: “You already have.”

I’m not ready to push myself, particularly in this heat and humidity. Chas is more content with long, slow training rides.

Chas: “I can go fast. You forgot to check my tire pressure. We were slower than we needed to be. You forgot to unpack the bike pump from the rooftop cargo box.”

Tomorrow morning we will do a similar ride but travel south instead. We have several 50 km rides out the back door heading west, like today, east and north. We’ll do them all this week as I get the feel for the bike again.

Chas: “Didn’t anyone tell you that you never forget how to ride a bike?”

I am looking to purchase a floating dock and understood there was manufacturer in town. I biked to the “industrial section” looking for “Big Daddy Docks” but to no avail. I noticed an open door at the side of one of the business complexes with a sign overhead reading “Above Board Covers”. I stopped to inquire about “Big Daddy”. It seems “Big Daddy” has moved but is still in the area.

I asked the woman proprietor whether she makes bike covers. I could see she is focused on boat covers and upholstery. She quickly opened her laptop and showed me a picture of a custom 2-bike cover for a hitch mount rack just like mine. I couldn’t believe it. She had made it for a fellow that travels to Florida every winter and wanted to protect his carbon bikes. Too cool.

The cover is made of an industrial grade, waterproof fabric that comes in 30 different colours. What I liked most about the design is that the entire bike is covered and is fastened with 2 zippers, one in front and one in back over the wheels.

I think Chas and Lou will be more comfortable on the return trip.

Chas: “I told you before. I’m staying here.”

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