Kitchen for one …


I like the simplicity of travelling like this. There are no frills. Just the basics. Coffee and hot cereal in the morning. Another coffee and a sandwich mid-day. And a large salad and herbal tea in the evening. No restaurants. I only see the camp grounds and rest stops along the way.

I am living in about 30 square feet. An RV-for-one, and the boys of course. Small as far as apartments go. But I have a bed, closet, outdoor kitchen, shared bathroom, and even an entertainment system. What more does a fellow need? It gives one an appreciation for what high density housing is like. It is not that I am hard done by. Uncomfortable even. I have a well ventilated bedroom. A comfortable bed. My pillow from home. CD’s that inspire me. Ground coffee I like. And, good company. Mine.

It’s remarkable how little space you really need. Couple it with shared outdoor space and you have architecture that works.


I overheard Chas and Lou talking this afternoon.

Chas: “What is the Big Guy up to? We haven’t been this long without a ride since winter.”

Lou: “I don’t know. I’m getting fidgety. I have had enough of this sitting around. I was meant to move, and move fast. I can’t even spin my wheels when I am locked up like this.”

Chas: “I know what you mean. I get cramps in my spokes standing still for so long. Do you think he is mad at us?”

Lou: “Maybe. I know he was disappointed not climbing Mount Seymour more quickly last weekend.”

Chas: “That wasn’t your fault. He’s the engine. Not you.”

Lou: “I know but he blames it on me when I don’t go fast enough. After all, he paid a lot of money for me to go fast.”

Chas: “I think he is just resting. Wait until we get to the cottage. He won’t stop riding. He loves the quiet, rural roads there.”

Lou: “Ya. Then we will be complaining about being tired all of the time.”

The boys call me Big Guy. I guess I am compared to them, and heavy for them to be carrying around. They don’t realize this rest will be good for them.

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