Do you name your bikes?

Do you have a name for your bike?

If you do, you are not alone. A lot of us do. There is actually a name for it. Anthropomorphize. It means to attribute human form or personality to things not human. Well, I anthropomorphize my bikes. They are my friends. My mentors.

at the club getting water ...


Meet “Chas”.

I purchased Chas 35 years ago. My first bespoke frame designed and built by Roberts Cycles of Croydon, England. This bespoke frame building business was started following WW II by Charlie Roberts.

My father’s name was also Charlie. He was best known as “Chas” to family and friends. I lost him father shortly after purchasing the Roberts bike at a time when a young man needs mature, fatherly advice. “Chas”, the bike, took my father’s place in a way. It happened slowly. As I spent more time with “Chas”, I realized he filled a void in my life, and helped me deal with daily challenges much the same way I suspect my father might have by being there for me, helping me relax, and challenging me to resolve my problems in imaginative and resourceful ways.

Last year, I rebuilt “Chas”, and outfitted him with an Shimano Ultegra group and wheel set. Today, he is better than ever, there when I need him, still challenging me to be better.



Meet “Lou”.

“Lou” is a racing steed. An ultra light full-carbon bike designed to go fast and climb. He is a treat to ride. Fast. Exhilarating. Responsive. He is a Louis Garneau designed right here in Canada. I am a proud Canadian, and go out of my way to support both local and Canadian companies. “Lou” is much younger than “Chas”. I purchased him second hand from a racer friend, and over the years, upgraded him with carbon handlebars, a Dura-Ace wheel set and compact cranks. He is a beauty, and my preferred ride on fast smooth surfaces.

“Lou” makes me feel young. He helps me keep pace with a younger crowd, and when I am astride him I’m 20 years younger. Well, that’s how it feels.

Do you name your bikes?

15 thoughts on “Do you name your bikes?

  1. Never thought about naming my bike. I have a 2013 Cannondale Cad 8, white with red lettering and red bar tape. It had white bar tape but soon turned grey with chain grease and road scum. I like names you’ve chosen for yours.

  2. Go Chas and Lou!
    Of course I name them (ok and sometime talk to them). You can’t expend that much time, energy and emotion in the company of something without a name!
    For the record, Albert (EMC2 Carbon roadie), Charlie (Pinnacle Evolution MTB), Claud (old Claud Butler touring hybrid), Neil (Falcon Black Diamond, 10 speed 1970’s steel racer), spot the derivatives!

    • I only included the road bikes and overlooked my commuter (Arie), a rebuilt Kuwahara, and MTB (Gate), a completely rebuilt Rocky Mountain. I didn’t want people to think I had too many bikes. 🙂

  3. I built up a lynskey 29er after my divorce – I refer to her as my Ti bride. This was complicated by having a Lynskey road bike – so know they are dirty ti bride and fast ti bride – a fat bike called chubby and a steel pearlescent road tourer called princess or sparkly. And a brompton loved but not named – need to find out the name of a contortionist

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