2 thoughts for today …

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11 thoughts on “2 thoughts for today …

      • Honest, I clearly did not want my blog to be a boring training blog. I avoid reading blogs like that from cyclist-bloggers.

        Spreading cycling love and gaining decent reading blog audience means…showing more of your world and talking about it in non-cycling terms. I would have turned off a lot of my regular blog readers.

        Right now I’m recovering from a head injury…so when I’m not biking it’s easy for me to focus on other passions for my readers.

      • Sorry to hear about the head injury. Hope you are ok. It wasn’t a biking incident was it?

        The blogs I enjoy the most as personal. They may be cyclists, but I learn something about them as people. That why Hemingway’s quote resonates with me. It’s not easy to write about personal things, to open up and be vulnerable.

    • It happens to everyone. I am more drawn to Franklin’s. It makes me question why I bother. There are so many truly talented people out there that I think I need to focus more on doing something worth writing about.

      • Do you really mean that? I get Franklin’s quote but like to think that (at least for the mature ones who know better than to write a blog filled with complaints and anger issues) if we write, it is because we feel the need to share. Which makes (almost) any writing valid.
        What I’m trying to say is there will always be something to read our writing as long as it is genuine…

    • You are right, of course. It’s just that, at least recently, I think I would like to write about something other than cycling. I think, no I feel, there is something else inside. And, by the way, how does such a young women get so smart? 🙂

      • Oh please, I was born this smart… Ha ha!
        To be honest, what you’re saying sounds great, doesn’t it? It means there might be something exciting that you have yet to discover and I can’t wait for you to find out what it is so you can tell us!
        Also, I have always seen more to your posts than just cycling. All one has to do is look for it 🙂

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