What’s that you’re wearing?


April is hump month, marking the transition from winter to summer. This time of year, the weather is mixed. Some days are clear, hot and humid. Other days are wet, windy and cold. And, some days, like today, are a mix. A little rain, some wind, and sun. The days often begin with rain and wind, and then by the afternoon, end with clear, sunny, blue skies.

I never know what to wear. Yesterday, I wore rain gear, waterproof jacket and pants. I was fine for the morning commute, but too hot in the afternoon on the ride home. Today, I tried something different.

I was sitting on my bench at Third Beach, as I often do on the commute home, when a young man rolled up on his “fixie”, and sat next to me. He turned, looked at my legs, and asked in a condescending tone, “What’s that you’re wearing? Those aren’t those Lululemon tights my girlfriend wears are they?”

I smiled. He hadn’t done much cycling. I said, “No, they’re leg warmers.”


“Leg warmers”, he said. “Why don’t you just wear pants?” I could tell this was going to be a short discussion.

I have had this pair of leg warmers for years. They are full length, not simply knee warmers. I use them for both commuting to the office when I am wearing shorts, like today, and on the road bikes with bibs.


This particular pair has a light, flannel liner for added warmth, and nylon outer to break the wind. They also have a zippered bottom so they are easy to get on and off over cycling shoes.


Leg warmers are like having a compact pair of wind pants. They store easily in my pannier, or when I’m on the road bikes, roll up small enough to fit into one of my cycling jersey pockets.

After demonstrating how easily I get these leg warmers off and back on, the young fellow said, “They’re cool.” And, then asked, “Where can I get a pair?”. I told him the local cycling shops I frequent, and online options he might consider. Then he said, “They’d look cool when I’m with my girlfriend.”

We didn’t talk further. What was the point? After slipping the warmers back on, I hopped on my bike, and continued my ride.


16 thoughts on “What’s that you’re wearing?

  1. I have those exact leg warmers and wear them all through the winter as well as parts of the fall and spring. Can’t live without them at this point. Same goes for my Sugoi Versa vest/jacket. It has magnets that hold the sleeves on so they are easy to put on and take off. Great for in between seasons.

    • Well, you have good taste 🙂 Your jacket/vest sounds interesting. I have a light weight Sugoi wind jacket that I love. It too rolls up and fits in a jersey pocket easily. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I think I’m a cyclist. I have them in all colors and wear them not only in winter and autumn, I keep a pair in my bag even in summer. They saved my kidneys a thousand times.

      • I’m talking about legwarmers from a cyclists’ shop. Warm legs are needed to protect your bladder and kidneys. I admit, I also have thermo-socks 🙂 I have big problems with my immune system since that war and I have my tricks to stay more or less healthy. 🙂 My doctor recommended me those legwarmers for cycling or skiing and said I should avoid wearing short pants in summer. I still wear them but when it gets cold I take out the legwarmers and pretend that my bile is somewhere around lol

      • Well, I’m impressed 🙂 And, in all different colours. Now I’m envious 🙂 Next we’ll have to get you out on your bike 🙂

        I’m sorry to hear you have problems with your immune system, and never realized warm legs help to protect the bladder and kidneys. Have you ever lived, or want to live, in a warmer climate?

  3. “I could tell this was going to be a short discussion.” Brilliant.

    As cyclists we sure do wear some confusing apparel. I’ve just discovered the pleasure of toe covers for my shoes. Toasty toes without wearing full on booties. And yes I should be ashamed of that final sentence but I’m not!

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