They laugh …

IMG_2743 They laugh. They think I look ridiculous. I don’t care. I’d rather be dry, and warm.

I ride in the rain, if necessary. Not the good bikes. They don’t see rain unless by accident. I have rain gear including a helmet cover that keeps the rain out of my eyes, off my head, and away from my neck.

Today, I dressed for rain. And, that means my helmet cover was on. This cover is unique. IMG_2737 It has a brim like a cycling cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. It has a flap at the back to keep my neck dry. And, it has reflective strips on both the sides and back so I can be seen more easily in low light conditions. IMG_2739 The cover cinches on quickly, and easily. It stays in my pannier in the event of rain. I never know in these parts.

They laugh. They say “Real cyclists don’t wear helmet covers”. They may wear a cycling cap. A cassette. But never a helmet cover.

Let them laugh.

19 thoughts on “They laugh …

  1. I used a helmet cover through the winter and it was probably the least strange-looking part of my gear. But as long as I am visible, safe and warm, I could care less how I look.

    Laugh on, people of the motor vehicle world!

    • Good point 🙂 I have biked all winter and have not been off for even a day. Keeping active helps, but keeping dry and warm is the key. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Different kind of riding, brother. Those who would be great ignorant enough to chuckle live by the “if you’re cold, pedal faster/harder” mantra… Or they’re sissies and sit on the couch when clouds threaten. It’s all good man. Be happy.

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