In praise of Brooks …


Brooks England is an English company that has been manufacturing high quality leather bicycle saddles, and other accessories, since 1866. I was given this Trouser Strap for Christmas this year, and today, while sitting in the sun on a park bench, I was reminded how good their products are.


The saddles even come with a waterproof cover. I keep mine in my pannier, and whenever rain threatens, I put it on. Water can be damaging, even if the leather is regularly treated with waterproofing product.


My saddle is 35 years old, and is more comfortable today than when I purchased it. There is wear, and it looks old, but it is unbelievably comfortable. My son rode my commuter last year and said “How do you ride this bike? The saddle is so uncomfortable.”.

You see, over the years, a Brooks saddle moulds to your bottom and begins fitting like a glove. It fits me without any discomfort, even on long rides. The leather is hard. There is no padding. No gel. No prostate cut-out. If you look closely, you can see the indentations, or “dimples”, where my sit bones have imprinted themselves.

To look at my saddle is to look at my bottom.

I don’t use this saddle on the road bikes. It’s too heavy. Rather, I have it on the commuter which occasional doubles as a touring bike. I spend hours on this saddle, and expect it to last as long as me. Perhaps longer, but it won’t fit anyone else as comfortably. 🙂


7 thoughts on “In praise of Brooks …

  1. I use the Brooks Cambrian saddle, it is vulcanised rubber rather than leather. The best praise I can give it is that for me it was comfortable from the word go and I usually don’t notice it, unlike other saddles I have used.

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