My solitary place …


I’m a creature of habit. It’s daft really. For 20 years, maybe longer, I have stopped on my bike, this very bike, under this tree overlooking English Bay to sit, relax, read, meditate, refuel, and exercise. I stretch, do Pilates, and now pushups. This is my place. The one place I am at piece. I don’t stay long, 15 minutes, an hour at most. It is the best part of my day. I stop here all year, and in all weather. It’s on the ride home. It’s on one of may favourite training routes. I am here during the week, and frequently on weekends. This is a solitary place. This is my place.


12 thoughts on “My solitary place …

  1. I used to have a place like yours, my go-to place for pretty much anything. It was a lonely spot at the end of a long under-cliff walk that I used to ride along, in Brighton. I am yet to find this kind of spot here in London.

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