Entitlement eating …


I planned to lose 5-10 pounds this winter before the start of the cycling season. I exercised more, worked harder, and ate well. I wanted to be ready for more climbing.

I don’t weigh myself often. Once every several weeks at most. I can usually tell whether I am gaining or losing by the fit my clothes. Tight, and I am gaining. Baggy, and I am losing. Simple. It’s not rocket science.

Imagine my horror, and surprise when I weighed my self last weekend. Instead of maintaining weight, I actually put on several pounds. I weigh more today than I have in several years. I am in better shape, stronger and, climb hills more easily. Still I am 10 pounds above my “ideal” weight.

Or, maybe not. Maybe I have a new “ideal” weight. Maybe this weight includes more muscle than the previous one. My legs are certainly larger, and stronger. And, I can do pushups now. My pants fit in the waist, it’s the thighs that have gotten tight.

The more I workout, the more I eat. I am entitled. Aren’t I? I have expended extra calories, surely, I can take a few more in.

I have a new plan. I’m going to get cut and lean like a body builder. You know the look. Keep all the muscle, and lose all the fat.

How do they do that?


18 thoughts on “Entitlement eating …

  1. They do that by working out really hard and eating really boring, bland food. If that’s what you want, enjoy it. You can find me at the local burger shop being happy. 😉

    No chance I’m going that route. No fun in it.

  2. I tend to continue eating in the winter like I do during the hardest riding season. yeah, that’s not worked so well either! I did better this winter and only gained 5 pounds. Last year it was between 15 and 20. In 2010, I’d gained 30 and was the heaviest I’ve ever been. Never going there again. I too judge my weight by certain pants!

  3. This made me chuckle. I know what you mean though, if you burned it you earned it surely! I’m sure you’re maybe just putting on muscle and that’s where the weight increase is coming from?

    • I’m glad you saw the humour. Not sure others have. I wrote this tongue-in-cheek. Over the years, I have learned managing my weight has less to do with what I do and more to do with what I eat. I have added some muscle. And, some fat. I know as the weather improves, and I ride more, the fat will go. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Maybe you should find out your body mass index –calipers and a trained person are probably better than the electric resistance type machines–but do what you can. As for entitlement eating–I was so happy that I lost twenty pounds last year that I went and put ten back on.

  5. Being able to eat so much food and still lose weight is one of my favorite things ever. I remember a few years ago I was sitting around reading dieting books that basically said the only way to lose weight was to eat less. I am cooking food constantly, so controlling what I eat is really, really tough.

    For me, being active and getting out on my bike is the way to go. It works, it’s fun and healthy. Win.

    • You have it tough. Handling food all day. I have trouble just preparing dinner. I snack the whole time. I’m not too concerned. I know as the weather improves, and I cycle more, the weight will drop.

  6. Ha the same happened to me! A few years ago I did no exercise and was skinny as a rake – light bones, no muscle tone whatsoever. I’m now no “fatter” than I was then but weigh several kilos more – all that muscle! I still weigh myself every now and again but as you say, it’s more about the strength in your legs and how fast you are able to push yourself!

    • Funny how that works. Being a cyclist, I wanted to shed some weight so I could climb more easily. It’s ironic although as the weather continues to improve, and I cycle more, I suspect some of this will will go.

    • No? I thought women loved those bulging muscles and six pack stomachs. 🙂 I agree. It’s a narcissistic sport, if you can call it that. I have difficulty doing pushups let alone push those heavy weights.

    • I’ll be certain to document my progress. 🙂 I’ve never understood body building. Exercise to me has always meant getting outside and hopping on my bike. 🙂 The idea of spending hours inside in a gym, admiring at myself in a floor-to-ceiling mirror seemed counter intuitive. 🙂

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