He was a thinking man …


He was a thinking man.

He enjoyed his books, a good movie and, a single-malt scotch. He enjoyed good company but his own as well. In fact, he revelled in. He enjoyed long solo bike rides. He never got bored enjoying the continual stream of thought that results from extended time alone. He never knew what to expect but it was usually something positive. A problem solved. A new line of thought. An opportunity not previously seen. “It’s cathartic, cleansing”, he said.

He belonged to a local racquet club. He didn’t play much but enjoyed the gym and, the steam room. The club was his second home. He preferred to shower and shave there, if he had the time. He liked the ambiance, the raconteurs, and the steam room.

After his long rides, he would have a steam. He said “Steam baths cleanse from within by opening the pours, enabling the dirt of the day escape, in the same way a long ride opens the mind to new thoughts and opportunities.”

He was a thinking man.

4 thoughts on “He was a thinking man …

    • He was a man that inspired me many years ago, and it seems, he has been reincarnated. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of him so altered one of myself. I met him 20 years ago while working in the Kootneys. He was 70-something, had just lost his wife of many years, and was looking for something more to do. He cycled solo across Canada. I lost contact with him but suspect I will meet up with him again one day.

      • So luckily he still is 🙂 that description reminded me very much of my former maths-teacher. Ecerything fits, just that he passed away 2 years ago. I have always admired that man.

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