What happened here?


I mentioned previously that I got a flat on April Fool’s Day. I finally got around to repairing it today.

And, look what I discovered. A severed valve. It had been decapitated at the rim. A nice, clean, uniform cut. I have never seen anything like it. Have you? I would appreciate your thoughts. I really have no idea how this happened.

There was no repairing this. I put the patches away, headed to my local bike shop to  purchased 2 new tubes – one for the flat tire and the other for my saddle pack.

Please comment if you have suggestions.

20 thoughts on “What happened here?

  1. It’s happened to me with a Presta valve where it sheared clean from the tube. I reckon what happened was the tube rotated clean between the rim and tyre when I hit something, putting too much stress on the rubber seal.

  2. Did it go flat while on a ride. That would have been an instantaneous flat with all the whooshing sound of the air leaving. I’m wondering if you got a normal flat and somehow broke the stem during transport?

  3. Yep, you hit it somehow putting it away or something. I use all presta valves and the valve itself can’t break. The stem has come out on me once, but that is a different problem.

  4. I do like their ease of airing up, but I carry a frame pump with me all the time. I’ve even put a presta valve tube on my BOB. I had to find the aluminum adapters for the rim hole, but that was easy. (presta valve stems are much skinnier) I’ve put them on my 27 X 1/14 tires on my single speed too. Then I don’t have to mess with switching the adapter end on my pump between bikes.

  5. Unless you have a fill-up adaptor, it can be a pain if you, for some reason, need to use a service station air compressor. OK, that’s not a pain. If you don’t have that adaptor, it’s an impossibility.

  6. I’ve never tried the cartridges. I’ve seen so many people on the roads and trails that have issues using them that I’ve just not bothered. Part of it is that I’m cheap!! My pump is paid for! My bad on my suggestions…..if I’d just read the rest of your stuff I’d have known your experience with prestas!

  7. I have had stems (twice now schreder and prestas) come loose from the tube that looked like your picture. Manufacture defect comes to mind. No patch solution. Good picture, bad tube, always a good ride.

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