Cycling in the rain …


I was planning a long ride today. But, it was pouring rain. It started last evening, continued throughout the night and has yet to let up. This is not cycling weather. No. It’s gym time.

I am determined to cycle every day in April and, thought I would test my resolve. I put on my wet weather gear and headed to the gym on my bike. And, look what I found. Bike racks full of bikes. It seems I am not the only one wanting to get more miles in.

My commuter is highlighted at the back partially protected by the overhang. It is unusual to see so many bikes even in the warm, dry weather. What’s up? I’m known as “the biker” at the club. Members I don’t know will come up to me, introduce themselves and say “You are the guy on the spinner all the time, aren’t you?”. Or, “I see you locking up front all the time, don’t I?”. I have a bit of a reputation and, it seems, people are taking notice. If the racks are full today, we will have to install more come the better weather.

The club is in transition. Next, I will be organizing Sunday group rides.


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