A spring walk …

Following yesterday’s 70 km ride, my wrist-coach (Suunto M5) suggested 2 days of rest. I may have been doing too much and, despite better sleeps, this may be the reason for yesterday’s disappointing performance.

So, today I walked. I didn’t bike. There are always hills to climb in these parts. I worked in the library instead of heading to the office and, when I was finished, walked through the neighbourhood, first to have lunch at my favourite local cafe and, then to my accountant’s office. It’s tax time in my world.

I enjoy walking almost as much as cycling. I like to say “Thoreau taught me that”. Ever since my university days, I have been inspired by Thoreau’s writings and, in particular, his time at Walden Pond. I have several copies of Walden Pond and re-read them (or portions) almost every year. One copy has numerous passages underlined in blue ink that date back to my university days. Thoreau walked every day in the woods gaining inspiration for his work. I walk most days but in the city. I walked home from work for years. Still do at times although I prefer cycling. I walk to the club for workouts on weekends. I walk to the local stores and cafes to shop and relax. And, I enjoy hiking in the local mountains with the family. I have done this as an outing since the kids were small and, thankfully, they still enjoy it.

Every time I walk, I find things to photograph. Today, I was taken by the blossoms and shades of green on the quiet residential streets in the neighbourhood. Photographs inspire me. I learned that from Jerry Uelsmann, the American photographer of some fame that pioneered darkroom techniques to combine related images. When I walk, Henry David and Jerry are with me. Thanks to them, I see things I wouldn’t otherwise. I make connections I never saw previously. I connect dots.

Today was a rest day. Today, I walked.

6 thoughts on “A spring walk …

  1. Those pink blossoms are so pretty….just a few more weeks and I might see some “in real life”.

    I used to hate walking as a form of transportation, it takes forever to get from point to point. Once I realized that the slow pace could actually be a good thing, walking became much more enjoyable.

    I did walk to work once, I woke up at 1:30 am and trudged through rain for 3 and a half hours, every time I saw a car coming I would dart into a ditch or hide behind some trees. Needless to say my performance at work was not stellar that day. Biking to work is a vast improvement for sure, although it is fun to have that weird memory of walking for hours in the dark, dripping wet. Every detail is forever ingrained in my mind, probably as a warning to never do something like that again!

    • LOL. You are one tough nut. A 1:30 am start and a 3.5 hour walk in the dark … I am really impressed with you. My walk home from the office is 60-90 minutes at most, in the city with enjoyable stops and distractions along the way. Washrooms too if necessary. I can’t wait to hear what you tell me next. You are a remarkable young woman! 🙂

    • The streets are filled with blossoms right now. We have had a very early spring. Some days, it feels like summer almost. It’s that global warming thing … 🙂

    • Thanks. I use my iPhone almost exclusively these days and, quite frankly, am surprised with the quality. I am having to re-learn how to take photographs. The iPhone cameras are different.

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