Wet ride home …


I am trying to put in some extra road miles before next weekend’s Pacific Populaire.

It wasn’t supposed to rain today. At least not hard. No. It poured. The 30 km ride home was a test of my metal. I have spoken of these tests before. You know, headwinds that have you standing still; long, steep climbs leaving you fully spent at the summit; and, paces better suited to a motor bike. And, perhaps the worst – heavy rain, into a strong headwind, in cold weather. That was today’s ride.

It was a test. I thought of taking a shorter route home. Cutting the trip short. But that would be cheating. No. I persevered. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t pretty. It was hard. It was not the easy tempo ride I had intended. It was slow, hard work. Like climbing. For 30 km.

Rides like this test your metal. Build strength. Build character. I figure if I can do 30 km in these conditions (and actually enjoy myself), then I am ready for the century (unless it is cold, wet and windy that day).

It is good to ride in all weather conditions. They are all enjoyable in their own way provided you have the right gear and clothing. That’s why I have 3 bikes. One to commute and ride in any weather. A road bike for training that sees very little wet weather. And, a carbon racing bike for dry summer rides.

I find if I keep dry and warm then I am fine. Out comes the GoreTex, waterproof booties & gloves, helmet cover, ear band and clear glasses. I may look odd to passersby but beneath all that apparel is a cyclist in training.

Surprisingly, I was the only cyclist on the road. There was no one else in the park training. That is unusual. That speaks to the conditions. And, some might say, to my obsessive behaviour.

6 thoughts on “Wet ride home …

  1. Nice work getting out there today. It was just as disgusting over here in Victoria. I took today off riding to give my poor body a rest, but I’ve been in this kind of disgusting weather many times (not necessarily by choice) and my hat is off to you for sticking to the whole 30K.

    • You’re right. In my mind, I ‘d rather be out in the wind, rain or cold than be home sitting on the couch watching TV.

    • Once I invested in proper rain clothes, I don’t mind it at all. It took me several years to get it right but now that I have, I don’t hesitate to get out on the bike. During the winter months (Dec-Mar) we see a lot of rain. So, you either sit inside and complain or, get out and enjoy yourself as best you can. You must have similar weather where you are.

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