Equivalents …


I am back on the road more regularly and extending my ride home from the office now that spring has arrived.

Yesterday, my wrist-coach (Suunto M5) instructed me to do a “Very Hard” 30 minute cardio workout. I know, from all the training I have been doing in the gym this winter, what that feels like. It feels like a continuous mountain climb with a 6-8 % grade. But what does it feel like on the bike? How does my commute home compare?

Surprisingly, my 90 minute ride home with a lap around the perimeter of Stanley Park and up “Little Mountain” exceeds the effort in the gym on the spinning bike. The difference is the duration. Although I am not working as hard, I am working for a longer period of time and, on more than one occasion, getting my heart rate above what is expected by my wrist-coach.

This is good to know. My ride home, even on the easier route, is “very hard”. As I extend the rides and cycle the interior road more frequently, the commute home only gets more difficult.

2 thoughts on “Equivalents …

    • You are right. And, it’s much more fun being outside. Not to mention, healthier too. Now that the warmer weather is here, I will see the gym a lot less. Must admit though, I love the steam bath there.

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