Connecting the dots …


I think it was Don Quixote who said that we all have a special place where we feel most comfortable, relaxed and, at peace. That may be a favourite chair on the front porch, a familiar walk in the local forest or, for the cyclists amongst us, a particularly scenic hill climb. It can be anywhere. I have several and, if pressed, one very special one.

As I transition into retirement, I cycle more, retrace favourite rides, discover new ones and uncover new places to relax. During the day, my eyes are on the news, my fingers tap the keyboard, my ears listen to and my feet are clipped in. I start the day with a cup of black, drip coffee watching the national news. After a shower, I pack up and ride to the library (or office) to work for several hours. When I need a break, I cycle to the club for a workout and then head to the local JJBean cafe for a vegetarian wrap and another cup of coffee. As the days lengthen and warm, I have begun substituting visits to the gym with laps around Stanley Park on one of the road bikes. And, as the weather improves, I transition from the commuter to the road bikes.

Thats my work day.

I am beginning to connect the dots; to realize what I enjoy most and where that special place is. That place where I am most relaxed and at peace. Where is that place? It’s straddling my fi’zi:k, clipped into the pedals, discovering new places, making new friends and, learning something new. That’s my place.

Where is your special place?

9 thoughts on “Connecting the dots …

  1. My very-extra special place can be found in the middle of one of my favorite rides, its a rock at the top of a plateau where I can sit and look at the river valley below. Watching the sun rise there makes my heart melt with joy every single time.

  2. My favorite place is our vacation spot in Tiger, Georgia… Around here, I have one favorite turn in a residential neighborhood – it’s a right turn at a dead end. The turn is a tight one at the bottom of a slight hill so I can get a good head of steam and I really have to lean into it to maintain my lane. It has nothing to do with being a pretty spot, it’s just plain old fun.

    As far as cool places to ride, that would be the Pere-Marquette rail trail in Midland. It’s an awesome, beautiful place to spend a day.

    • That’s interesting!

      I have a favourite turn as well. There is a 1 km descent on a windy, smooth surfaced, 2-lane, 1-way road with very little traffic that I ride regularly. The first half is relatively steep and then at the mid point there is a sharp turn to the left where the road flattens for 75 yards. The remainder of the descent isn’t as steep. The key to winning this descent (we always seem to race it) is to carry as much speed as possible into this turn. I have learned over the years to use both lanes, pick as straight a line as possible, change into my highest gear and pedal like mad from the top into that turn. If I can get the right line I am doing ~ 65+ kph (40 mph) at the turn and carry good speed into the last part of the hill.

      That turn is a favourite spot. I have even been known to yell out with excitement if I carry the speed or expletives when I get the line wrong. 🙂

  3. Not sure about just one, but there is a spot where you cycle up with woods either side through an arch of trees, with a wee glimmer at the top. As you emerge there is a view of the hills beyond – fabulous. Another is just a small wooded glen that must be full of goblins, fairies, trolls or somesuch, never seen them yet though.

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