How I blog …

I just found this SlideShare presentation.
I made it 2 years ago as an exercise. I would change the order of things today. I usually start with an image. That’s how I think. And then, I try on different headlines.
Hopefully, I am a little more skilled. I at least have a better grasp of punctuation and no longer double space following a period.
Where do you find your inspiration?

5 thoughts on “How I blog …

  1. I usually just have a thought that pops into my head. As I start tapping it gradually expands. I then think of photos that go with the context. I alway check it over and often edit small bits after it’s posted.

  2. Often it’s because I read something that gets me all worked up and I want to vent on my blog. Other times it’s because my kids do something that I want to write about. Or sometimes I just want to share photos.

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