This is my 500th post!



500 Posts

The is my 500th post.

I started this blog 2 years ago to find a voice. I have always enjoyed writing and photography. A blog, I thought, would provide the opportunity to do both. Except, when I started, I had no idea what to write about. I tried several things. Some posts were related to the work I do. Some were of a more philosophical nature. What came easily were posts about cycling. I cycle a lot and maintain my bikes. It was easy to write about my rides, my equipment and helpful maintenance tips. Gradually, PedalWORKS evolved and I found a cycling voice.

The Numbers

First, the numbers. I have 201 followers. The posts have been viewed 22,391 times, averaging 45 each day. The busiest day saw 217 views. And, people have commented 1,047 times. I have no idea if these numbers are a lot or a little. All I know is that I have learned considerably from reading other blogs and the comments that have been made. And, for that, I am very grateful.

My most viewed post is “What does retirement look like?“. It was published on April 20, 2014 and has been viewed 1,232 times to-date. During the life of this blog, I have been contemplating retirement, wondering what I might do. I purposely reduced my work schedule to 2-3 days a week over the past year to see what I might do with extra time. Once thing is clear. I want to cycle more.

I am inspired by those of you who travel solo across countries and continents; those of you who make cycling a way of life, those of you who cycle throughout the year, regardless of the weather; and, those of you who build beautiful bikes.

I want to bike down the west coast of Oregon and California, explore parts of western Europe and, cycle across Canada on the quiet, secondary roads visiting the small rural towns that are the fabric of this country.

A Metaphor

But I am more than PedalWorks. I am not simply a cyclist. I love to cycle and encourage everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes to do the same. And, although I spend a lot of my time on a bike, I enjoy a lot of other things.

I think of PedalWORKS as a metaphor for growth. Cycling has taught me I can do more than I realized. I can cycle longer, faster and higher than I ever thought possible. It has transformed my life and, the confidence I have gained, permeates throughout the rest of my life.

I am trained in photography, even considered making it a career at one point. Now that I have more time, I would like to do more. In particular, I am fascinated with the iPhone cameras and, how they are transforming what photography means. These cameras are ubiquitous turning everyone into a photographer and, making photographs more prevalent, more relevant than ever before. Expect to see more iPhone photos on these pages in the days to come.

The collage above are some of my most favourite photographs taken this year with my iPhone while on my bike. They represent a year of bike travel in the city, in the country and, in the wilderness. Some were taken on my daily commutes. Others on training rides. And, some on the epic rides I enjoy with my son.

Thank You

For those of you that follow this blog, thank you. I appreciate your insightful comments. And, for those of you that I follow, keep up the good work. I enjoy reading about your adventures.


10 thoughts on “This is my 500th post!

  1. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts! That’s a lot of writing and photographing.
    I absolutely relate to your feelings about cycling. It has also brought so much to my life and, directly as well as indirectly, shown me that I am capable of far more than I previously realized. Cycling has brought me joy, friendship, fitness and confidence.
    I’m new to your blog but I’ve enjoyed reading it and hope to read your next 500 posts. 🙂

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