He asked ” … are you faster … ?”



He asked “With all of this training you have been doing, are you faster?

It’s a fair question. After all, I have spent a lot of time, burned a lot of calories and dripped a lot of sweat over the past 2 months to get into better shape for the cycling season. You have to understand, I am not a racer. I like going fast, and do, but I cycle for fitness mostly and enjoy long, scenic rides.

I replied “That was not my objective. I train so I can climb the local mountainous terrain more easily and, so I can cycle longer distances more easily.

Yesterday was the test. Yesterday was my first road ride since completing the 8 week, indoor training program on the spinning bike. I cycled a familiar route – laps around Stanley Park, a route I have done numerous times for almost 25 years. I know every turn, bump, climb and descent. Two laps around the road and back home is 50 km. A good first test.

I was pleased with the ride. I climbed the Prospect Point hill faster and in a higher gear than I ever have. I descended down the other side 5 kph faster than I ever have. On the flats, I maintained a pace 5 kph faster than I usually do. And, I wasn’t trying to go fast. This was to be a tempo ride. I wasn’t even on the Garneau, my faster bike.

Yes, I was pleased with the ride. Clearly, the hours of indoor training have made me stronger and technically more proficient.

So, I say “Yes, I am faster!“.


9 thoughts on “He asked ” … are you faster … ?”

  1. That’s great! I’m in week 14 of my Trainer Road workouts and my FTP is up 15% from where I started. I do feel a lot stronger on the bike and can’t wait to see what that equates to on the road.

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