Sunday is my day of reckoning …

Sunday is my day of reckoning.

I set weekly goals. All sorts of them. Some personal. Some professional. I sometimes write them down. Not always. But I always have targets to shoot for. And, Sunday is the day I take stock. Measure how well, or poorly, I have done.

Today, I took a long walk. I often do on the weekend. I had a few errands to run but mostly, I like being outside and the pace of a walk. I reconnect with the neighbourhood, stretch my legs and review the week past and the one ahead.

Like many, I try to lose weight this time of year. When the wetter, shorter days take hold, I cycle less and the weight slowly begins to climb. I don’t want to be so out of shape in the spring that I am unable to complete the Pacific Populaire, the first century ride of the season for me. So, between now and March 1, I plan to lose 5-7 pounds. That will have me at my optimal cycling weight again. This week, I lost 1 pound. It doesn’t feel like it but thats what the scale at the club said.

I am also several weeks into the Suunto 8 week training program. My “coach-on-the-wrist” told me I had a “Great Week” of workouts and am a week closer to “Excellent” fitness. I don’t know about that.

I did a 40 minute “Very Hard” workout on the spinner this morning maintaining a heart rate that kept be in the VO2 Max zone the entire time. It was like a 15 km climb up one of the local mountains at a 10-15 km/h pace. Once again, I did it but it seemed harder this time. Earlier in the week when out on my road ride, I sprinted up one the the climbs. I was feeling strong. I had my heart rate monitor on and my heart rate exceeded what is “normal” for someone my age. My “coach-on-the-wrist” asked me if I wanted to reset my MHR.

I said yes, of course, without thinking of the consequences. It means the “coach” thinks I am 20 years younger and adjusted the difficulty of the workouts accordingly. This “coach” is either going to make me stronger or kill me.

So, this weeks ends with me a pound lighter and with a heart of a man 20 years younger.

Next week, I plan to be another pound lighter, another week closer to “Excellent” fitness, have new cleats installed on my new road shoes and have converted my Garneau carbon bike’s crankset from a standard to a compact.

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