9 thoughts on “Not sure about this – my bikes are worth more than my car!

  1. Yeah but our insanely expensive bikes are a choice not a necessity… If I could afford a Ferrari (I mean really afford one) I’d get one. I wouldn’t need a Ferrari, but it’d be fun to show up to the club ride with a Colnago/Ferrari on the rack on the back of one, no? I still like the sentiment behind the banners.

    • My son once considered buying a house in Squamish and commute to Vancouver everyday. Its 80 kn each way. He didn’t but it is remarkable what people will do. We have an engineer in the office that commutes 40 km each way most days.

      • I could deal with 20 miles, what’s that, maybe 32 km-ish? 40 would be on the long side methinks, about an hour and twenty… I could live with that in the summer. I’ve thought about moving my office closer just for that purpose but that would present other challenges to the business.

      • An hour is about right in the better weather. It’s a challenge and why I chose to live in the city close to work. I am fortunate to live in a place where there are traffic free and scenic routes.

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