My first road ride in 2015

This is an anomaly.

Sunny, warm and dry. 8 degrees Celsius. No wind. And, sunny. Perfect for a ride.

Over the holidays, I prepped the bikes for winter commuting and training. They were washed, inspected carefully, lubed, tuned and, when necessary, parts were replaced. New brake pads. New cables. That’s all that was needed on the commuter.

The commuter was put to work immediately. This week I commuted to the office for 3 days but it was cold and damp so I didn’t linger on the way home as I frequently do. Instead, I headed to the gym for a spinning workout.

Today was different. No work. And, the weather was unseasonably warm and dry. Time for  the road bike. I donned my winter bibs, long sleeve base layer, jacket and booties and was off for 2 hours.

What a treat. I had not been on a road bike for a month. Maybe longer. The first thing I noticed was how fast I was going and, how easily I maintained the pace. The break and the gym workouts have made a difference. Those spinning workouts, single-leg squats, deadlifts and extra stretching have made a difference. I averaged at least 5 km/h faster and the Prospect Point Hill climb was easier than ever.

Then again, it may simply have been the excitement of being back on a road bike. The adrenalin started to rush the moment I got onto the saddle.

2 thoughts on “My first road ride in 2015

    • My son is a personal trainer. And, an accomplished cyclist. I asked him “if I were to add just 3 strength exercises to my routine, what would you recommend?”. Without much hesitation, he said deadlifts, 1-legged squats and hamstring curls. And, so I have and, already notice an improvement. Give it a try and let me know if you too notice a difference.

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