Homemade carrier …

I love the ingenuity. And, the hardhat in the front basket.

I am a cycling aficionado. A road cyclist mostly. I encourage everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes to get outside and onto a bike – any bike – because cycling is more than transport, more than exercise and, more than politics. It’s a way of life. It’s therapy. And, it’s fun.

So, when I see someone transform a bike, I am encouraged. I am encouraged to see people make the best of what they have. Make the best use of their skills. And, make a habitual use of a bike.

I am not prejudice. I like all bikes. Road bikes. Mountain bikes. Tandem bikes. Recumbents (maybe). Fixies. Hybrids. Commuters. Carbon bikes. Steel bikes. Probably aluminum too although I have never ridden one. It doesn’t matter. If it is self-propelled, I like it. And, I like the people on them. Cyclists are a different sort. Independent. Resourceful. Interesting. That’s not to say others aren’t but I have never met a cyclists I didn’t like.

So, if you have a bike you have transformed or rebuilt, please share it. Post a picture and a brief description. I would love to see it.

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