The den …

Everyone needs a place to rest. A personal place to unwind. A place to refuel. This is  mine. My den. This is where I retreat to watch TV, listen to music, blog, read and stretch. This is where I plan tomorrow’s ride, where I shop for bike parts on-line and, where I research new cycling routes. This room has served several functions over the years. It is an addition to the original home. When I first purchased the house, it was my bedroom but, because of the southern exposure, it was too bright for sleep. Later, the room was shared by the boys and then, as they reached their teen years, the eldest moved to the suite downstairs and the youngest had the room to himself. Now, it is mine once again. I reclaimed the walk-in closet, converting it to a workspace large enough for a small desk and several book shelves. The room seats 6 on a leather couches and chair although I am usually it alone. Occasionally, the kids and I gather to watch a movie, the Canucks and Whitecaps games and, the TDF coverage. My day starts and ends in this space. Each day begins with a black drip coffee and cereal watching the morning news. Each evening, I return to relax with a cup of licorice tea. It is my indoor workshop where I work on myself, not the bikes. Do you have a private spot in the house?

2 thoughts on “The den …

  1. I actually don’t… We have a spare bedroom so I steal that from time to time to work on the bikes but other than that, I have my sacred spot on the couch. It is my haven.

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