Proper spinning techniques …

This time of year, I cycle less outside and head inside to the gym to lift and frequent spinning classes. I still commute on the “winter” bike but save the road bikes for dryer days which, unfortunately, are few and far between.

Last year, I discovered I enjoyed spinning classes. I have used a spinning bike for many years but would workout on my own. I didn’t like the look of what I saw in so many spinning classes. But last year I discovered an instructor that understood road cycling. She tailored her workouts to simulate typical road workouts with a combination of flats, climbs and descents. And, she focused on proper form and technique to build power, speed and endurance. Each week she would vary her workouts so you would never repeat the same workout for weeks and, even then, they would be different.

As the weather here deteriorated, I looked forward to her class. To my disappointment (and not hers I am sure), I learned that she is pregnant with her second child and on maternity leave.

What to do!

It is critical to find the right instructor; someone you respect and can learn from. So many spinning instructors are not road cyclists. They don’t understand how road cyclists train. They don’t understand the correct form on the bike. They don’t understand how to properly setup the bike so not to cause knee and hip injury. We don’t do pushups on a bike. We don’t run on a bike. We don’t always stand up to climb.

Don’t misunderstand. I am not judging. Some enjoy these types of classes. They can be a good workout. They are just not for me. I want to spin like I cycle on the rode.

I have tried two new instructors during the past week. One has been trained by the instructor I like and will be taking her classes while she is on leave. I like her class but she is relatively inexperienced and not a road cyclist. The other has been an instructor for several years but conducts her class like a callisthenics workout. You spend the better part of the hour standing. Stair climbing. It is a challenging workout but it is not cycling.

I discovered the above YouTube video. It demonstrates various training techniques and highlights correct form. I am going to use it as a benchmark as I search out a new spinning instructor.

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