How I gamify my rides …


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When I commute, I travel the same routes. I don’t ever get bored with the scenery or the route profile. Never. And, I often turn the ride home into a workout. I’ll ride at a faster pace. Do an extra climb. Or, complete another lap. And, I keep testing myself. How fast can I go on this flat section? How fast can I climb this hill? How fast can I go down this descent?

Over the years, I know how fast I can go on each and every section. I don’t need Strava. Just a simple, wireless cycle computer. The speed varies depending on the bike I am on and, of course, the conditions but I have stored all of these numbers somewhere. I know how fast I can climb and descend the Prospect Hill in Stanley park on the Kuwahara, the Roberts and the Garneau. I know how fast I can complete a lap on the Seawall on each of the bikes. On each little incline I try to go faster or turn a larger gear. On each descent I try to better my last time down.

I try to make fun out of each ride. Try to ride faster. Climb better. Pick better lines. I make a game of the ride home. Some would say I am obsessed. Others, that I am too competitive. They may be right. But the way I think about it, I am simply trying to improve. Improve my fitness. And, improve my biking handling skills.

Is that a bad thing?

I think not.

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