9 reasons I am a better cyclist …

I am be better cyclist today than I was 30 years ago when I first became serious. I am faster and stronger. I climb faster with less effort. I descend faster with less resistance. I am safer on the road. And, I am more considerate of other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.

Here a 9 reason why I am better today:

  1. I commute regularly. This gets me on a bike most days in all weather conditions.
  2. I ride more than 1 bike. This provides variety, gets me on different routes and road surfaces, gets me out more often and, allows me to mix commuting with training rides.
  3. I train regularly. I do repeat hill climbs, long climbs, fast descents and, long rides most every week. In the winter months, I go to the gym to lift weights and attend spinning classes. I not only work on my conditioning but on my technique as well – climbing, descending and, an efficient pedalling stroke.
  4. I use hand signals. I ride in the city with other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. It is important for those around me to know when I am slowing or turning.
  5. I ride on the city’s bikeways. Vancouver has a network of traffic-calmed bikeways and dedicated bike paths. I use them. They are safer and, more fun.
  6. I take my bike on holidays with me. I take a bike on holidays. There is no better way to explore new locals.
  7. I maintain my own bikes. A well maintained, clean bike is safer, faster and more enjoyable to ride. I have a well equipped workshop that makes all the difference.
  8. I have cycle clothing for all weather conditions. I am prepared for the heat, cold, wind and rain. This didn’t happen overnight. It took several years to accumulate all of the necessary clothing – waterproof jackets, pants, booties and gloves; leg & arm warmers; cycling shoes; helmets … You get out on the bike more often when you are warm and dry.
  9. I live and work with a supportive group of fellow cyclists. The whole family cycles. We each have more than one bike and, a few of us commute regularly. And, the office is also bike friendly. Half of the staff commutes and we have a secure lockup right in the office itself.

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