10 reasons I never tire of the commute home …

I never tire of my commute home.

Yesterday, I was bludgeoned with a heavy down pour. It was wet, blistery and, exhilarating. Today, I bathed in the warmth of the autumn sun. It was dry, warm and, exhilarating. That’s the thing. Cycling, no matter the weather, exhilarates and awakens the senses. It puts you in the moment and keeps you there as you carefully select a line, take in the fresh sea air and revel in the breathtaking scenery.

My route home varies between 30-100 km depending on the number of laps I do around the park and, the bike I am on. On the commuter, I usually stay on the seawall and complete as many laps as time permits. It is flat and scenic. On the road bikes, I usually travel the road that snakes around the park with a 1 km climb up to Prospect Point and a 2 km descent down to Second Beach. Each lap is approximately 10 km and, at this time of year, there is little traffic on both the road and seawall. Perfect for training rides.

My ride home takes 90-180 minutes and often terminates at the Bean Around The World cafe near my home. The cafe is a hangout for cyclists of all sorts. It’s a place to share rides and explore new ones.

2 thoughts on “10 reasons I never tire of the commute home …

  1. I don’t know what’s more spectacular… That ride or the fact that you have the time to push the commute home to 100 km if you so choose. I’d know it’s just how you choose to look at it, but that’s still pretty cool.

    • I work part-time. A few hours in the morning. In the summer when there is more daylight I will spend the rest of the day on the bike sometimes reaching 100 km. this time of year it’s 30-60.

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