Wet ride home …

I have been gloating about how we frequently get dry days in the wet season. Well, that was short lived. I was hit with a down pour on the ride home this evening.

This was the first real test for the wet weather gear – 90 minutes of cycling in heavy rain. It held up pretty well. The jacket and pants did the job. They don’t breath exceptionally well but I didn’t get wet, only hot at times. The waterproof helmet cover keep me dry and warm. But the gloves and booties could have done a better job. I didn’t expect the gloves to be completely waterproof (the seams are not sealed) but must admit I was disappointed with my new “waterproof” booties from Pearl Izumi. They are made with a proprietary  waterproof-breathable material but they are anything but waterproof. My feet were sopping wet by the time I got home. Fortunately, I had heavy wool socks on that kept me warm.

I don’t mind cycling in the rain. It is much different than riding under the warm, summer sun but I would rather be outside than sitting on the couch. I cycle more carefully understanding that motorists don’t see me as well in these conditions; I descend more slowly worried about slipping on fallen leaves; but, it can still be a workout.

I ride the Kuwhara, the heaviest of the bikes. It makes me work harder getting up to speed and climbing. When I get on the Roberts or Garneau, I appreciate how fast and responsive they are. But, the Kuwahara helps me build power, speed and an efficient, smooth pedalling stroke.

You are never too old to get better.

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