New road shoes …

Every now and again, a guy has to treat himself.

While looking online for a new pair of waterproof booties, look what I found on sale – Fi’zi:k R5 Uomo performance road cycling shoes. This is not their top of the line shoe but still a finely crafted Italian masterpiece. I have had my eye on them for a year now. Ever since I rebuilt the Roberts, I wanted another pair of road shoes, something to match the bike better and reduce the wear on my good Shimano shoes.

I probably won’t pull them out until the better weather in the Spring. They will be a Christmas gift from an anonymous admirer. The black and white matches the theme I have going on the bike. The Roberts logo is black and white. I have black tires with white lettering, a black Fi’zi:k saddle, a black and grey Fi’zi:k saddle bag and black Fi’zi:k handlebar tape with white lettering.

Now I just need the Fi’zi:k shoe covers.

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