One of those rainy days …



It is one of those rainy days that I like. One of those days statistically counted as one of the 168 I can expect this and every year. It will rain but it hasn’t yet.  It is 5 pm and no rain. It is coming but there was a day long window of perfect cycling weather.

I sported my wind jacket and compression kit and went out on the Garneau for 4 hours. This was a great day for a ride although statistically counted as a rain day.  The trick to training in the rain is to take advantage of these dry periods of which there are many. These are the type of days I take the good road bikes out for a spin.

2 thoughts on “One of those rainy days …

  1. The last time I wen out for a ride, it was raining and fog was starting to build up. Temp was at 19 degrees and not really used to the cold in the tropics. The mud was traumatizing, too. The post ride bike clean up, I mean.

    • The clean up is the worst part but very necessary. If I don’t clean the bike regularly in the winter it is not very much fun to ride. I actually take a hose and brushes to the bikes after a wet, dirty ride. There is no excuse. It is still better than travelling by car or public transit. Thanks for the comment.

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