Wet rides ahead …

Well, the wet weather has arrived.

Vancouver is blessed with a moderate, oceanic climate.  Mild winters.  Very little, if any, snow fall.  Warm, dry summers.  And, a lot of rain.  On average, 168 days of the year it rains.  October through March is wet.  Six months of the year.  And, with shortened days.  In January there are only 8 hours of daylight.  In july, there are over 16.

However, there are also many dry days throughout this period.  Or, days with very little rainfall.  Days suitable for long rides. Very often, it rains in the evening and morning hours and, as the day warms, the clouds lift and the rain stops. If you have the gear, there is no need to miss a day on the bike.

This is the time of the year that tests the steel of a cyclist. Unfortunately, it is the time of year that many return to their cars and public transit.  Not this one.  I am committed to cycling throughout the winter.  I have the gear.  A wet weather bike.  And, waterproof clothing.

I think of wet weather cycling as an adventure.  I always feel better when I get outside and, I loath riding on public transit.  It is slow, crowded, hot, humid and, quite frankly, expensive. And, even more, I dislike driving to the office unless necessary. Cycling is faster, more enjoyable and, healthier. Even in the rain.

There was a time when I didn’t know how to ride in the rain, equip a bike properly or what clothing to wear. It took me several winters to figure it out.  Maybe longer. I think I have it down pat now. In subsequent posts, I will share tips on how to enjoy commuting and training in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Wet rides ahead …

  1. Am hoping it won’t be raining when I visit Vancouver in a few wks. Funny, some experienced cyclists here in Calgary talk about being worried sliding in rain on a downhill. (Seriously??)

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