The Shimano RS61 Wheelset

What a birthday present!  The kind of present you want to both give and receive.  The kind that makes you better.  Makes you faster.  And, makes you feel younger.

I installed the new wheel set on the Roberts this morning.  It was quick and easy.  I transferred the tires and tubes from my old set of wheels.  The rims are tubeless but accept tubes as well.  I removed, cleaned and installed the old cassette remembering to use the 10-speed spacer provided with the wheels.  This wheel set supports both 11 and 10-speed systems.  I installed a new set of Kool-Stop Dura Road brake pads both front and back.  These pads are made with a softer compound, break quickly and wear well.  There is a lot of life left on my old Shimano pads but I wanted a new set for the new rims.

I was ready to roll.  Anxious to try the new wheels.  I decided to do a 45 km lap around the Stanley Park road.  The ride includes a combination of several good climbs, a fast descent and rolling sections.  A route I am very familiar with.

The wheels were brilliant.  Quiet.  Sturdy.  Fast.  And, they look really good.  I was a little surprised how positive they felt.  It may be the larger, wider hubs.  I climbed the Prospect Point Hill faster than I ever have spinning a larger gear.  I descended faster down the hill than I ever have reaching speeds of 55 kph on the relatively short descent.  On the flats, I was rolling at 30-35 kph, several kph faster than I usually spin on these sections.

I am in better shape after spending a month on the bike in Bolsover.  I am certain that is part of the reason for the increase in speed.  But the wheels made a difference.  They felt smooth, solid and fast.  I had confidence in them taking corners more quickly than usual and descending fearlessly.

What a great present.  The wheels made me feel younger.  That’s the kind of birthday present you want to give to your aging parents.



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