The benefit of having grown kids …

The benefit of having grown kids is that they have jobs and can buy birthday presents for their Dad.

Look what I got.  A new set of training wheels.  The Shimano RS61!  A reasonably priced wheel set with many of the features of the higher end Dura-Ace models.  And, just in time.  The wheels I have been rolling on the Roberts are done.  I had several years use out of them but the rear cone and bearings are worn.

Guess what my weekend looks like.

Tomorrow, the new wheels will be installed.  I’ll use the same tires and tubes for the time being.  I have my eye on a new set of tires from Ritchey but that can wait.  And, I will use the same cassette.  There is a lot of life left on the chain and cassette.

Then I will ride.  Ride a lot.  Saturday I will have time to do a 2-3 hour workout.  And, Sunday I am doing a 3-hour group ride with MEC.

Is there a better way to spend a weekend?.

3 thoughts on “The benefit of having grown kids …

  1. Sweet! My dad doesn’t ride a bike but he has a motorbike. Got him a pair of riding gloves and Rudy Project eyewear. So I guess that’s how he must have felt. Happy weekend! 🙂

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