Back to commuting …

I am back to work after a month of cycling Bolsover’s quiet, rural roads.  Back to commuting on a heavier, slower bike.  Back to interrupted rides.  Back to bikeways, traffic calmed streets and seawalls.

It is quite an adjustment.  For a month, there were no traffic lights.  Few cyclists.  No congestion.  No noise.  And, no road rage.  I travel more slowly now.  Share the road with numerous cyclists and cars.  And, I pedal more carefully now.  More defensively.

There are a lot of commuters in Vancouver but they represent a very small percentage of the people on the road.  Despite having a growing infrastructure and a supportive city council, the number of bike commuters has not increased.  I don’t understand why.  It is faster, less expensive, good for the environment and, good for you.  You would think that would be reason enough.

I enjoy my morning commute and lengthier, circuitous route home in the evening.  It is an opportunity to log extra miles, tackle a few more hills and, explore the city.  But I miss the uninterrupted, rural rides.  I miss the clean country air.  And, I miss my faster, lighter road bikes.

I am back to looking forward to the weekends, and my weekends are longer than most, when I get back on the road bikes and search out quieter, smoother roads.

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