Bolsover | Cows

I have long been fascinated with cows.

The cottage is located in dairy cattle country.  Many of the surrounding farm fields are used for grazing.   Everywhere I ride, I pass cattle quietly enjoying a meal.  They are beautiful animals.

Calming.  Relaxing.  Tranquil.  Inspiring. 

Barbara Astman, a successful Toronto artist, once celebrated the cow in a series of collages that helped me to think of them differently; to think of them with respect and as a reflection of a simpler life.

I just finished a 50 km ride to Lake Simcoe and back and was reminded how different the cottage is to properties on the large lake.  It is fall like today.  Cold.  Cloudy.  And, windy.  The lake has been whipped into a frenzy with whitecaps as far as the eye can see.  The cottage, on the other hand, is on a smaller, sheltered body of water.  There are no whitecaps.  The wind is weaker.  It is much more tranquil.  Calm.  That is the effect of the cottage.

Calming.  Relaxing.  Tranquil.  Inspiring.

Looking out on the water is mesmerizing.  I can sit for hours fascinated with its many faces as the light, clouds and wind combine to perpetually transform it.  I have all of the furniture in the cottage facing the water so, no matter where I may sit, I have an unobstructed view of the kaleidoscope of colour and texture.

Calming.  Relaxing.  Tranquil.  Inspiring. 

Toronto has cattle too.  I was surprised to find full-size sculptures of cattle relaxing amongst the buildings at TD Centre where office workers sit, enjoy their lunches and visit with colleagues.  Interesting that they share space with cattle.  Not with lions, wolves or deer.  No.  Cattle.

But the image disturbed me.  It was unsettling to think how far removed city dwellers are from a more natural world.  The city is anything but quiet, calm, relaxed or tranquil.  The image was a contradiction, trickery providing momentary respite for office workers.

It had a very different effect on me.  I was anxious to get back to the cottage.

Calming.  Relaxing.  Tranquil.  Inspiring.

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