Bolsover | Things I like

The more time I spend at the cottage, the more I appreciate how unique it is.  How appropriate the scale of both the buildings and the property are.  How functional the layout is.  How warm the rooms look and feel.  How beautiful the water is to swim, boat and fish.  How private the property has become strategically guarded by mature cedar, pine and maple trees.  How many quiet, scenic country roads there are to cycle and explore.  How many lakes there are in the immediate area to enjoy.

The cottage is old.  It was built in the 50’s.  And, yet it has not aged.  Sure, it needs maintenance.  Parts wear out.  But it is as functional today as it was in the beginning.  It is a 3-season place, not fully winterized.  Perfect for the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  Too cold for the winter.  Water is drawn from the lake for the washroom.  Drinking water was once drawn from a well but, these days, is carried in.

Once settled, you don’t leave.  Shopping, although necessary, is an inconvenience.  The nearest market is 10 km to the northwest. Too far to walk.  Not accessible by water.  A nice bike ride, if you have panniers.

It’s Fall.  The water is quiet.  Few boaters.  Few fishermen.  No cottagers.  The kids are back at school.  It is the end of the season.  I have always thought of the Fall as a new beginning.  More so than New Years.  For years, it was when I went back to school.  Public school.  University.  And, when teaching at a post-secondary school.

The Fall is the start of something new.  I always enjoyed the cottage best at this time of year.  Preferred it to the hot, humid, busy summer months.  I like the cooler, brisk weather.  It is invigorating.  I like the change of colour.  The slower pace.  It is a time to relax, reflect and meditate.

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