Bolsover | Day # 8

This is a benchmark day:  the 1st day of the 2nd week at the cottage; the 1st ride after resting for a day; the 400th post on this blog; and, over 15,000 views of this blog.

I have been at the cottage for a week.  The first time in over 2 years.  There are several reasons for this trip.  First, I wanted a holiday.  A break from the usual.  And, I wanted to spend time alone.  It’s only when alone that I get I connect with my feelings and aspirations.  I try to this this in some form every year.  Second, I wanted to ride a lot.  I love these quiet country roads for cycling.  It is where I first got interested in road cycling and distance touring.  And, I wanted to bring the Roberts back for a second look.  Third, I wanted to see how I felt about the cottage.  I am considering selling it.  I live 3,000 km away and get here infrequently.  However, I am also considering retirement and am wondering what it might be like spending the summer months here each year.  And, lastly I wanted to see how effectively I can work remotely using the tethering support provided by my cell provider.  I work on-line mostly and if the service is reliable and quick enough, I may be able to work from here part of there year.

I rode the Brechin Loop this morning.  50 km on the quietest, most scenic roads in the area.  Unlike last week, I pushed myself.  Not just a little but for the entire ride.  I was on the large chainring and down on the bars most of the ride.  When I began to feel comfortable, I would step it up a gear.  I stopped twice.  Once at the 20 km mark and, again after 35 km.  Both time to empty my bladder.  I pretended I was riding the TDF, pulled to the side of the road, straddle the top tube.  There are no washrooms in these parts.  And, there is no traffic.  I could ride nude and no one would notice.

I have been blogging for years.  The first one was used to teach myself HTML.  Some, like PedallWORKS, were personal and, some professional.  And, a few I even sold.  PedalWORKS is about a year old focused on my cycling experiences.  I like to write and I wanted to learn more about other cyclist and there adventures.  I have been surprised by the number of interesting and adventurous bloggers I have met and enjoyed.  Cyclist from all corners of the world.  Canada.  USA.  England. Scotland.  Ireland.  Israel.  Russia.  Japan.  South Korea.  New Zealand.  And, Australia.  To all of you, thank you for your support and for sharing your adventures.  Your trips and experiences are an inspiration.

I am in for a spell of typical fall weather.  It is going to rain and cool off beginning this evening.  This may curtail my riding but enable me to complete a few chores at the cottage.  Friday is forecast to be sunny and 16 C (61 F).  I am planning a day long, exploratory ride on some new roads.

3 thoughts on “Bolsover | Day # 8

  1. Congratulations on your milestones. It never ceases to amaze me some of the places I get hits from and how it doesn’t matter what the country of origin is, cycling is always cycling.

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